Year 4 and Year 5

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Enterprise Week

Year 4/5 have had a busy week and have produced some wonderful items.

We will be selling the following:

We have made a personalized advent calendar with decoration for your tree for only £1.00

We have also made emoji door hangers for 50p each.

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Autumn 1 Week 4: 02/10/20

Year 5/6 have loved being back! They have all been working extremely hard. Miss McMahon, Mrs Carroll and Mrs Cafferkey have all been very impressed.

Our Maths topic this week was subtraction. We have been looking at complex problems where we had to ‘regroup’ and ‘exchange’ multiple times.

Our task this week In English was to finish our ‘Positive Poems’ about COVID and ‘The Year 2020 – The Best Year Yet’. Some of our favorite lines from our class poem were ‘ The trees were alive again, reviving the earth’ – Jake and ‘The pages rustled as I was exercising my mind again’ – Elise

In PE we have been refining our running techniques. Endurance was a skill that we needed when running for 5 minutes straight.

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A busy week!

We have had a busy week in year 4/5. Rock star timetables have been completed enthusiastically and improvements are already being made. In Maths we have been adding 4 -digit numbers – a challenging start on Monday but by Friday it didn’t seem so bad!

Brilliant writing in English as we have nearly finished our character descriptions of Charlie, although we are still finding it hard to believe that he only gets one chocolate bar a year!

RE saw the end of our topic on Jesus’ family tree, and we have enjoyed talking about our own family trees – thinking more about where we have come from.

Mrs Gregory began Apple Friends in class this week as we begin to explore how to work together, share ideas and help each other.

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Week ending 13.3.20

In English, we have been reading the Grimm’s Tales version of Snow White. We split the class into two halves and argued cases for both ‘for’ and ‘against’ whether the Huntsman should kill Snow White. This helped us to write a balanced argument including key features.

In science, we have started to look at the life cycle of a plant. We dissected real flowers and labelled the parts as well as explaining their functions.

This week in Art, we have been exploring different shading techniques to prepare for our still life pictures.

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W/B 10/2/20

Year 4\5 have had a great last week before half term. In English, we have been taking care and pride in completing the final drafts of our letters. Miss McMahon was so impressed with the outcomes! Especially, the outstanding use of vocabulary.

In PE, we ended our unit of ‘Games’ by putting our skills into action. Our passing and throwing skills were impressive. As well as our ability to work as a team.

In music, along with practicing our song ‘The fresh prince of Belair’, we have been using our bodies to find the beat. Some of our dance moves were extremely enthusiastic.

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W/B 2/02/2020

Another fun week in Year 4/5.

In English, we have been writing our first drafts of a letter. We have taken on the role of a Medic in the war, using our short film ‘The Pianist’. Miss McMahon has been very impressed with the creative writing and the use of emotions.

In maths, we have been recapping properties of shapes and looking at calculating angles within.

We have continued to practice our performance of ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air’ with the added extra of recorders alongside the glockenspiels.

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Week beginning 20/01/20

What a busy week in Year 4/5!

In English, we have been looking at flashbacks using our new short film ‘The Piano’. As the film has no dialogue, we have had to use our inference skills to make predictions and assumptions.

When looking at our basics math skills we decided that we needed more practice when multiplying and dividing both decimals and whole numbers by 10, 100, 1000. We excelled ourselves today and Miss McMahon was very impressed. We put our skills into action by playing a game of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. Our hearts were racing with the atmosphere!

In RE we have been continuing to look at the ‘Mission of The Church’. We looked into the role of the Bishop and were able to write in role as him to explain his mission.

In PE we have been testing our fitness and improving our football skills. In groups, we followed an area plan to form our own relay races.

We have been excellent musicians this week, continuing to practice the rap ‘The Fresh Prince of Bell Air’ but this time incorporating the use of xylophones.

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Hello everyone!

We have been lucky to have Miss Islam in our class this week. We wish her all the best in the future.

Welcome to Cristian and Caridad who have just joined our class. You have been an excellent addition to year 4/5.

In R.E we created beautiful sunset pictures. Using charcoal, we were able to show the empty tomb and the three crosses at Golgotha.

In Maths this week we have been thinking about 3D shapes and have been practicing our translating and reflecting skills. Leo has impressed me this week by reflecting a triangle perfectly! Max C also astounded Mr. Gray with his number knowledge:  he worked backwards creating 10,000 by doing 625 x 16.

In English this week we have been continuing to write persuasively. Caridad has shown that she is a superb writer! I can’t wait to see what she will write about in this topic.

In Science today, we have been learning about the digestive system. We acted out the process of digestion and made sure to include all of the different organs needed to digest food. Jake was really helpful and performed his heart out! He is a future Oscar winner.


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What a busy week! 

In R.E this week we have discussed the importance of self-discipline and discussed the message behind Jesus’ self-discipline while in the desert. We also explored Easter related vocabulary and created factfiles about famous people who showed self-discipline.

We also completed assessments which have shown how hard we have all worked since September. Well done everyone, we are all immensely proud of you.

Below is a picture of Eliza cuddling one of our feathery friends who we have said goodbye to this week. We have loved having the ducklings in our class. 


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In R.E this week we have continued our topic of Eucharist and have started creating a beautiful liturgical dance to the ‘Our Father’. We talked about why the line “Give us this day our daily bread” has such significance for Christians and how this relates to the Communion Rite. I was particularly impressed by the group of: Lacey, Elsie, Erin, Emily and Harvey.IMG_4344.JPG

In Maths this week we have been focusing on improving our long multiplication in preparation for assessment week. We can now multiply much larger numbers! We also marked Mr. Gray and Mrs. Carroll’s reasoning papers and corrected all of their silly mistakes. Grace in particular had fantastic reasoning skills.

In English this week our SPAG focus has been contractions, we seem to have a great understanding of this! We have also been planning and writing non-chronological reports to understand more about ducks! (I hope our research will come in handy someday!)